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Posted: June 13, 2020

Senior Living

Walnut Crossing’s Residents Feeling Safe During Coronavirus Pandemic

As the country continues to respond to the pandemic, senior living communities are doing their best to keep their residents safe and improve their lives daily.

Many might find themselves worrying about the residents in our communities, given that the pandemic has put them at increased risk. However, the residents at Walnut Crossing are faring well and have met the pandemic with bravery and optimism.

The following will share how residents are feeling in their own words. We hope that you find their words comforting and encouraging during these trying times!

Do They Feel Safe?

One of the primary goals of Walnut Crossing is to make sure the residents are safe and healthy and have confidence in their staff. A key part of any community is ensuring both physical safety and peace of mind.

Peggy, one of the residents of Walnut Crossing, expressed how safe the staff at Walnut Crossing made her feel.

“Walnut Crossing has done a beautiful job and done everything in their power to keep everyone safe,” Peggy shared. “I’m so happy to see all so healthy and no one has been sick yet.”

Peggy understands how important communication is and appreciates how supportive Walnut Crossing’s staff has been.

“We talk to the aids daily, and if they need to correct us, they do it very kindly,” Peggy said.

A key aspect to fostering the feeling of safety and comfort is promoting mutual respect. The staff at Walnut Crossing understands mistakes may be made and they adjust, and a kind correction is all that is needed!

What Do They Miss?

With so much having changed, it is completely understandable that residents, like everyone else in the country, might miss things about the way the world was before. But, residents have held a positive attitude, making sure to keep things in perspective.

“I miss my grandchildren and children visiting,” Janet, another Walnut Crossing resident, shared.

While she misses her family, Janet realizes she is in the best place she could be right now. She knows this because she has first-hand experience with moving out of the community during a difficult time in her life.

“I moved back because I missed all of my friends, the safety, and warmth in the community.”

Another resident, Leola, said “I miss dinner with my friends.”

Leola’s once a week visits from her son have also turned into regular phone calls. While it is not the same, Leola still remains cheerful and optimistic.

“Everyone is so wonderful, I have two rooms in my apartment so it wasn’t that bad. I felt safe and cared for,” She said.

What are They Thankful For?

Janet is not the only resident at Walnut Crossing that feels lucky to be here at this moment in history.

Overall, residents have a profound sense of gratitude for and confidence in Walnut Crossing’s staff and their ability to keep life safe and fulfilling.

Dorris, another community member at Walnut Crossing, expressed confidence in her community as well.

“We always say thank you. We’re so lucky that my son picked Walnut Crossing versus the other places he was looking at.”

Walnut Crossing is also thankful for their residents and feels lucky to have such a strong community. Without their optimism and commitment to following the safety guidelines, Walnut Crossing would not be the community that it is!

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